Testimonial by Ukamaka Nnenna Ugwu

“My name is Ukamaka Nnenna Ugwu. I am a 23 years old lawyer from Enugu state, Nigeria, a published writer, an Associate Member of the Institute of Chartered Mediators and Conciliators (ICMC) and a mentee of TheALI.

I joined TheALI in May 202 because the founder/Director and Lead Mentor Ms Mary Izobo is an Icon who I believe I have a lot to learn from. For the past one year, TheALI has assisted in shaping my career development as a lawyer and writer. It has also enabled me to make a strategy for my life and life time achievements. I have been coached to make long term and short-term goals, which I work on and serve as a vision to achieve my dreams in life. My year plans according to TheALI Mentorship Program Calendar serves as a guide and vision to achieve my dreams in life to be a potential and an impeccable leader.

I have met like-minded young female Africans even from Diaspora Africa that walk together with me in sharing our ambitions, aspirations and dreams. I have also had the privilege of being in spaces with female luminaries that I have learnt from.

My most important takeaway is that: one’s dreams are valid despite the environment you are coming from.”

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