Girls will soar

Ms, Anguista Miriam Kupeka — 24 years (Kenya) Young Female Leaders (YFL) of Central, Eastern and Northern and Diaspora Caucus of the Pan-African Network of Young Female Leaders (PANYFL) of The Amazon Leadership Initiative (TheAL1).

Miriam is also a clinical officer currently undertaking her internship at a public hospital in Nairobi Kenya. She is creative, she likes to sing and dance, travel, watch movies and to pray.

Says a little prayer as she rises, eager for the new day
The sun shines bright and early on her way
Routines repeat itself in school, no one pays them any mind
The teacher’s routine is renewed as he selects his favorites for his task ‘My strong boys,’ he says as he encourages their participation “Girls will soon soar,” she says.
Different times but similar circumstances
All too familiar for her
Eagerly waiting the promotion
Unfair patriarchy termed bureaucracy
Uncomfortably setting for the norm “Girls soon will soar,” she says.

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